Our story

Joint School Welfare Union (JSWU) is a secondary school student-based non-profit organization established in 2004, aiming to provide a myriad of welfares for the benefits of Hong Kong secondary school students. JSWU has become one of the largest joint-school associations in Hong Kong covering 60 member schools with 80000 members.

Every year, our union is going to organize three major events with the most significant one as our summer project, the Model Student Council (MSC), which aims at equipping participants’ with strong leadership and communication skills so as to unleash their hidden potentials.

The 13th JSWU believes that it is the time for innovation. We have made modifications to our union in order to further achieve our goals in providing the best service to Hong Kong secondary school students. One major difference of this year comparing to the previous years is that member schools are not required to pay any membership fees. We also made adjustments to our structure so that our mission can be carried out more efficiently.

We promise that we would make the best use of our resources to provide a great variety of welfare to our members, as well as accomplishing our mission of serving our fellows.

We provide welfare of over 500 shops in Hong Kong.